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2014.04.15 Ma Patisserie
2014.03.31 Kitchen stage
Fair Fair
We celebrate coming of spring in EASTER BONNET
■From Wednesday, April 9 to 22nd Tuesday
■Deli et Boulangerie

We cooked scone in the image of energetic rabbit. Two kinds of plane and chocolate. O is small size that you can have easily.

Mini-scone set of rabbit
(plane, with for each one chocolate)
314 yen
■Deli et Boulangerie
Hot soup which heart is transmitted through if we include a mouthful
■Currently held
■Plats d'epicerie

We warm body and sometimes nurse heart. What there is a great variety of soup in taste of mother, taste of native district, seasonal taste and the world, but is healed when we eat what is common. Mr. rest soup factory> Michel Janssen makes moo soup with organic raw materials by the tradition manufacturing method <carefully when we are attracted by soup, and heart of countries which went on a trip reach. We want to bring all people to speak of a time of happiness. From hot liquid, heart of Mr. Janssen is handed down.

<mho rest soup factory>
Soup of place of Bible that overjoyed gram and flavor of olive oil spread through
(/400ml made in the Netherlands) 1,491 yen
■Plats d'epicerie
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Farmers creation Japanese sweet, famous tea
Ma Patisserie Pierre Herme Paris
Cafe et Sucre Jean-Paul Hevin
kurisutinu feh le VERT