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■Fresh market

Vegetables produced in my field used power of nature to the maximum without using pesticides and chemical fertilizer, and there was. We take time more than ten years and do "Tsuchizukuri RI" little by little and overflow in taste, flavor to originally have vegetables all. It is right blessing of Mount Fuji.

> with <biofamu MA
From a lot of vegetables 270 yen
■Fresh market
O Prepared foods of consideration dish wheat gluten
■Currently held
■U no Zen

We cooked kind, Kanze school wheat gluten of fried wheat gluten with soup stock and Awaguchi soy sauce, sweet sake and served to chawanmushi with dried bean curds. Wheat gluten and dried bean curds accentuate to mellow O taste of egg and refined bean jam.

<Nadaman Chubo>
Kanze school wheat gluten and chawanmushi of dried bean curds
(per one) 454 yen
■U no Zen
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