"Wind to pass takes youth and leaves" than Alphonse Mucha exhibition

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Art special event of April, 2014
Web catalogue Art special event of March, 2014
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- Toko Shinoda exhibition spelling Toko Shinoda 100 years -100 age
From Wednesday, March 26 to 31st Monday

Now exhibition of ... C-DEPOT NATIVE - J ART
From Tuesday, April 1 to 8th Tuesday

World exhibition of Reiko Tsuda bisque Dollet
From Wednesday, April 9 to 15th Tuesday

Alphonse Mucha exhibition
From Wednesday, April 9 to 15th Tuesday

Tsuguharu Fujita - rough sketch and print exhibition
From Wednesday, April 16 to 22nd Tuesday

Prayer kinerijosaiki*denyu*ten
From Wednesday, April 23 to 29th Tuesday (holiday)

<main building 7F = Promotional Hall>
Is rocky ...; is times - Art Nouveau of Rene Lalique vs. art deco from dome
From Wednesday, April 16 to 21st Monday

The Tokaido 53rd of Hiroshige tracing with ukiyoe print woodcut