MEN'S CREATORS BRAND IDThought that was put to thing which attracted people. The distance that brand was born, and came to grow up. Space that approaches in brand unfolding with Men's Building 2F = international Creators Labo, identity of one one. We want to think about reason of "the richness" to feel with Gokan which is made through design by staring at the real face of designer who is not seen in "BRAND ID" that feels, and started "to want you to talk by words of designer of brand of SO as much as possible" in other sites.


It goes through thing wound RI which took with "past KO or that we arrive at sense of values that exposes focus to a certain old thing now, and is new" into consideration.
The seventh announcement and theme summer in the spring of 2014 when it was are "TWO, GUN HART" in NY F/W.
William S Hart which we loved justice and chivalrous spirit of frontier man and survived in the western part. They were proud of great popularity by silent western part movie until Torquay film came up in the 1920s, and performance and technique of Hart which not only human strength but also weakness charmed established the present western part movie.

Western that is symbol of American culture. In cloud of dust, as for the cowboy-style who rode horse at the time, both color and the equipment were heavy.
Mainly on cloth which is slightly bright in it, is modern like N. Hollywood; sublimation. As for the vintage errand that designer is good at, inspire SA RE TA original textile is seen in Tyr from favorite western shirt, rag or blanket again on days such as studs or embroidery.

Hart which did ranch management after retirement in Hollywood. Designer who was used clothing buyer found out interesting Item of American Middle accidentally based in nearby single house from his ranch approximately 20 years ago. For this season to announce facing American culture some other time, it is Neo Classic Country for man living in the present age now.


Daisuke Obana
Daisuke Obana

We hold an additional post of buyer and manager of shop in secondhand clothes store and are engaged in setup of select shop of used clothing.
We have question towards fixed concept for used clothing and start remake and original development.
We establish <N.HOOLYWOOD> in 2000 and open Mister hollywood in Harajuku.
We announce the first Collection in 2002, and exhibition "N.HOOLYWOOD COMPILE" gains success in Paris in 2007.
We move place of announcement to NY from spring and summer in 2011.

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